Allure of the Seas, drops Roatan.



Roatan, Honduras
April 13, 2018 7:00 a.m.

Port of Roatan Communicator: 

As a result of the damages caused to the cruise ship dock "Port of Roatan" by the impact of the ship MSC. ARMONIA, the port will continue its operations with certain limitations.

The cleaning and reconstruction efforts have not yet started since we are still waiting for the completion of the work carried out by the international evaluators which will provide us a better assessment and diagnosis. In principle, the port authorities estimate that the damages caused by the collision can exceed 10 million dollars.

No damage has been detected to the western or the central part of the port, which can accommodate and allows for the arrival of smaller cruise ships.  However, the east side of the port has suffered some 35 meters of destruction. This will limit the port's ability to receiving only smaller vessels. Collectively, the entire port counts on some 205 meters of dockable space. The impact is substantial, as it is, and cruise ship cancellations are being confirmed.

In the case of the MC Allure of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean company, which was scheduled to arrive on May 10 for the first time in Roatan, has canceled its arrival. The ship is considered to be the second largest ship in the world, with the ability to accommodate more than 6000 passengers onboard. The Allure will remove Roatan from its itinerary for the remainder of this season.

Once damages are assessed, the works of debris removal and reconstruction of the damaged structures will begin. This reconstruction could take approximately three months to complete. This estimate is subject to change by the authorities involved, but so far these authorities have fully collaborated. The ability for the Port of Roatan to obtain the necessary equipment promptly is vital. The Priority at this moment is to reconstruct the damage caused by the collision. However, once Port of Roatan has acquired all the required machinery, it is equally as vital to start the reconstruction of the second docking position which is why efforts to meet all requirements with the central government have already commenced. 

The commitment to develop phase two, which includes the build-out of the second dock and recreational offerings still stands. But Port of Roatan will continue to depend on the support of the local authorities, which will enable our organization to optimize our resources and more importantly reduce the economic impact on the thousands of inhabitants who make a living from the cruise ship industry. 




Derivado de los danos causados al muelle de cruceros "Port of Roatan" ocasionado por el impacto del buque MSC. ARMONIA, el puerto continuara sus operaciones con ciertas limitantes. Los esfuerzos de limpieza y reconstruccion aun no han inicdiado, ya que continuamos en espera de que finalicen los trabajos requeridos por los peritos internacionales evaluadores y pueden entregar un diagnostico. En principio las autoridades del puerto estiman que los danos pueden alcanzar arriba de 10 millones de dolares.

No se han detectado danos en la parte oaeste ne la parte central del puelle, lo caul permite el arribo de embarcaciones mas pequenas, sin empbargo, en el lado este hay aproximadamente 35 mentros destruidos, quedando limitado el puerto a embarcaciones mucho mas pequenas de las recibia con sus 205 metros totales. El impacto es significativo en la capacidad original por lo cual hay acancelaciones de arribos las cuales estan siendo confirmadas. Para el caso del MC Allure of the Seas de empresa Royal Caribbean, el cual estaba programado para arribar el proximo 10 de mayo por primera vez a Roatan, ha cencelado, el cual esta considerado el segundo barco mas grande del mundo, con mas de 6000 pasajeros, el Allure estaria retirando a Roatan de su itinerario esta temporada.

Una vez concluidos los trabajos de evaluacion, comenzaran los trabajos de remocion de escombros y reconstruccion de las estructuras danadas, las cuales estan programadaos para tardar aproximadamente tres meses. Dicho periodo quedara sujeto a las facilidades de las autoridades nos otorguen para la reconstruccion, las cuales hasta el momemto nos had brindado toda su colaboracion. La capacidad de la empresa de obtener el equipo necesario en tiempo y forma es vital. La Prioridad en este momento es reconstruir el dano causado por el incidente, sin embargo, al haber realizado todo el esfuerzo de trer maquinaria y equip es vital poder comenzar la segunda posicion de atraque por lo que se estaran haciendo gest con el cobrierno central para agilizar los reqerimientos.

El compromiso de desarrollar la segunda fase, que incluye un segundo muelle y oferta recrecional sigue en pie, pero siempre dependiendo del apoyo de las autrodidades en agilizar los procesos requeridos, los cuales nos permitarian optamizar recursos como empresa, pero mas importante aun, disminuir los impactos economicos del incidente mismo que afecta economicamente a miles de habitantes de Roatan que se benefician de industria de cureceros.

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