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World Freediving Championships

World Freediving Championships


The World Underwater Federation (CMAS) approved the U.S. Freediving Federation the destinguished opportunity to host the 2019 World Freediving Championships on the Island of Roatan in Honduras. The event will take place August 6 to August 11th. This event will be a collaboration with a local freeding center, the Roatan Freediving School and Training Center, which is located in West Bay, Roatan.

Fire and Truth on Little French Key


On Sunday, at approximately 9 am, two fires were reported on Little French Key. The first fire originated in the kitchen of the main building and a second fire was born in the generator room. These fires lasted for approximately 3 hours. It is unclear why the kitchen was being used, as Sunday's are light days days for LFK and the kitchen doesn't open until later in the day.  

Overcoming Culture Shock


Culture Shock is experienced by virtually every expat. But how it manifests itself is different from one individual to another. This is particularly useful, because sooner or later, the decision to relocate to a new country may be undermined by doubt. So know this, questioning your decision to relocate is perfectly normal. 

Santo Guardiola Fire Department


City Councilman delivers equipment that includes firefighting suits, from the Ten-8 company in Branton, Florida, to Lieutenant Borjas and the Santos Guardiola Fire Department. The mayor expressed his gratitude for the valuable donation by the company Ten-8 and declared that this donation will benefit not only the municipality of Santos Guardiola, but the entire island.

Roatan Caribbean Cup

Roatan Caribbean Cup


The Caribbean Cup is an important freediving competition held in Roatan. What follows is an in-depth (no pun intended) article on competitive freediving and freediving in Roatan. The Caribbean Cup came to be in 2013, and it has become one of the most important freediving competitions in the world. World-and-Nation Championships from 5 continents and several countries are held in Roatan. High-level safety teams man the scene and together with distinguished international judges, doctors, and rescue divers professional ensure the safety of each diver.

Roatan Teachers Holiday

Parade & Holiday Announcement

Governación moves the local commemorative holiday to the festivities for the 159th anniversary of the Return of the Bay Islands to the Republic of Honduras, on Monday, April 23, 2018, to grant a holiday to the teachers of the different educational centers of the Insular Department. A parade will honor our teachers on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Celebrating Los "Garifuna" (/ɡəˈrɪfᵿnə/gə-rif-uu-nə)


The Annual Festival is not one to miss. It is full of festivities, dancing, and singing of old chants and songs in their native Garifuna language. There are several small performances throughout the day, but the main event is a march, along with the bay on foot and on boat that ultimately ends in Punta Gorda.

Public Clarification


On Saturday, April 7th, The Mayor's office responded to the conflict on Little French Key, and with good reason, the outpour by residents, the uncertainty facing the tourism community, and the public perception of an overreach demands it. The clarification was legally crafted and sites Honduran law as a basis for the actions taken by local officials.

RECO Online

RECO Online Payments

At a press conference, the company Roatán Electric Company (RECO) launches a new online payments platform so that users can make payments via their credit cards from the comfort of their homes. This new convenience will allow RECO members to avoid long lines. Users were also invited to visit the customer service offices so that they could create their new online credentials.