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In an open hearing on March 19th, City Council approved a municipal ordinance based on security concerns. These are the seven points established by the Municipal Ordinance regarding security:


1) Home Rentals


Report to the Municipal Justice of the Mayor, the rental of housing to people who come to the area, to include proper paperwork and photo ID of the tenant. The mayor's office is preparing a format for the implementation of this measure.


2) Operating Permits


All companies must submit to the Department of Tax Control, the application for operating permit and data of employees who work in their companies. This data will consist of a valid photo ID and a copy of updated police records for the year that the operation permit is being requested.


3) Weekday Curfew


The Law of Citizen Coexistence, mentions the circulation of vehicles on business days until ten o'clock last meridian (10:00 pm), that any vehicle may be pulled over by the police and may request proper documentation after that time. By way of an exception, are vehicles owned by residents who work the night shift, or matters that constitute an emergency. Underage children (under eighteen years of age), cannot drive after that time, without the accompaniment of their parents or guardian.


4) Law Enforcement


Work will be carried out with the collaboration of FUSINA, First Battalion of Communications and the National Anti-Narcotics Force (FNA) to patrol the problematic villages.


5) Student IDs


The directors and teachers of the different educational centers will be asked to demand that the students carry their identification card, stating their name, birth certificate and place of residence.


6) Monthly List


That it is mandatory for patrons to give a list with names of new people that arrive in their neighborhood or neighborhood; this must be presented on a monthly basis, and this list must be submitted to the Community Development Department of the Municipality of Roatán.


7) Security Groups


That, with Municipal Justice, Community Development and the Patronages will begin to organize in the neighborhoods and establish security groups.


All the points were discussed and approved by residents and businessmen who attended the convening of the Open Hearing, which took place in the facilities of the Compa Galindo Church in the center of Coxen Hole.