World Freediving Championships

The World Underwater Federation (CMAS) approved the U.S. Freediving Federation the distinguished opportunity to host the 2019 World Freediving Championships on the Island of Roatan in Honduras.

The event will take place August 6 to August 11th. This event will be a collaboration with a local freediving center, the Roatan Freediving School and Training Center, which is located in West Bay, Roatan.

Roatan Freediving School will serve as a local organizer of the competition with a close collaboration by the President of USFF Jeremy Stephan.

Roatan was ultimately chosen because it has the necessary infrastructure in place to guarantee safety and comfort for all participants. We were specifically looking for locations in the Western Hemisphere to bring accessibility to more divers from around the world. Roatan has also known for its crystal clear, calm waters, which is always an important factor for our final decision.
— Jeremy Stephan

Ren Chapman will serve in the capacity of Head of Safety for this years event and Chapman has already established rigorous safety protocols for the protection of the freediving athletes.

Each year, the annual Caribbean Cup freediving competition takes place in Roatan. This year, the competition will take place immediately before the World Championships. Roatan is arguably one of the most sought after freediving destinations in the world. This is due in part to the calm waters of Roatan's West Bay beach.

Caribbean Cup




The first category is known as "With Fins" also known as "Constant Weight." But "With Fins" is more descriptive. In this category, freedivers dive with either a monofin or with bi-fins. Constant Weight usually records the deepest dives by freedivers. 

CURRENT RECORD HOLDER: Current world record holders for the Constant Weight discipline are held by Alexey Molchanov who dove to 129 meters. The women’s world record is 104 meters and held by the Italian, Alessia Zecchini. 

The second category is the "No Fins," where divers dive as deep as they can without the aid of fins. Freedivers use an adapted breaststroke technique to propel themselves down into the deep. This freediving discipline is usually considered the purest form of freediving and the toughest. 

CURRENT RECORD HOLDER: Current world record holders in this discipline are William Trubridge from New Zealand; who dove to 102 meters without fins. Also, Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan holds the women’s world record at 72 meters. 

3) FREE IMMERSION (Longest Breath-holds)
The third discipline is known as "Free Immersion." Free Emersion is when divers propel themselves by pulling themselves along the descent line. Free divers are not allowed to wear fins during free emersion dives, and while free emersion typically is the least athletic discipline, it does require the longest breath hold because the dive times are the longest. 

CURRENT RECORD HOLDER: The current world record for men in the Free Emersion discipline is 124 meters, held by William Trubridge from New Zealand and the current world record holder for women is 92 meters held by Jeanine Grasmeijer of Holland. 

NOTE: In both the Constant Weight and the No Fin categories, divers are not allowed to use the descent line to assist them, except as a guide, or to do one pull at the bottom of the dive to begin the ascent.