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The Roatan Tourism Bureau ™ (RTB) is a privateNon-Governmental Organization (NGO), which aims to encourage and promote the vitality & growth of Roatan's tourism industry. Promoting Roatan, as a premier travel island destination (both domestically & internationally) is at the center of the Bureau's principal focus. 


Roatan.Online was launched in early 2017 as an online magazine and travel forum. Later that year, we launched the Roatan Tourism Bureau as a self-funded venture dedicated to the promotion of Roatan and its supporters. 


We first launched Roatan.Online and soon after, the Roatan Tourism Bureau site you see today. Since those two sites were launched we've also added two more websites (Roatan.JobsRoatan.Gallery) along with several social media profiles to help us grow our media footprint. We continue to look for ways to serve our community while promoting the interest and the natural beauty of our Bay Islands. Here are a few of our websites: 


Each website has a different revenue target. The Roatan Tourism Bureau website depends on a subscription-based business model while Roatan Online drives most of its revenue by way of advertisements on its various pages. 

  • Memberships
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing Services
  • Lead Generation
NOTE: For intangible services such as advertising and web marketing, we offer our services to our clients FREE and UPFRONT before we ever submit an invoice. In other words, If our clients are not satisfied with our work first, we do not charge them.


Our purpose is to improve the online presence of the Bay Islands through the latest web marketing techniques and the newest online platforms and mediums. 

Is there a need for a private Bureau?

We believe so. And to understand why, we've included a message from our founding member: 

"I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I've lived in five countries, including Jamaica where I spent five years falling in love with the Caribbean. I am a proud American citizen and an entrepreneur. 
The United States has been good to my family and me, but as a native Honduran, I have a special love for my culture, my heritage, my family, and my people. 
Like most Hondurans, I want to see Honduras showcased to the world in the best light possible. And while Honduras has so much to offer, few places can match the sheer beauty we find in the Bay Islands
Until now, the Bay Islands have had a poor online presence.
Sure, there are many businesses and organizations who themselves have stunning websites, but the island of RoatanUtila, and Guanaja lack the proper online representation. 
A key contributor to the Bay Islands poor online representation has been the slow adoption of new technologies.
There is excellent content online today. but the manner and the platforms on which that content is displayed to the world is outdated and antiquated. 
I believe my Honduran birth, my exposure to the American culture, my technical and online knowledge, and my entrepreneurial spirit uniquely qualify me to bring the Bay Islands to the forefront and to the world, online. 
Thank you for your continued support,"

Emilio F. Castillo
The Roatan Tourism Bureau ™