Port of Roatan

PORT OF ROATAN is one of two major port of calls in Roatan Honduras. The port sits on approx. 6.5 acres and can accommodate up to three ships at one time. Port of Roatan is managed by Royal Caribbean and ITM Group as partners under a subsidiary. The port became operational in late 2008 and it is located in the Town Center of Coxen Hole, the capital of Roatan, or what locals call “el pueblo” (the town). Port of Roatan is home to the Norwegian, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean ships visiting Honduras.  

Port Expansion

  • Sea Life Encounter
  • Wild Life Encounter
  • Lazy River & More


Port Specs

  • Depth: 12 meters
  • Agent: Anacaribe
  • Flow: 170 Ship/yr.
  • Visitors: 1.1 MM
  • Capacity: 3 ships

About Port of Roatan

Port of Roatan can accommodate three cruise ships at any given time, one alongside and two in anchorage. An estimated 580 thousand passenger visit Roatan via Port of Roatan each year. These passengers arrive on an estimated 170 cruise ships who use Roatan as a port of call. The water depth at the port is approximately 12 meters (39 ft). The port agent is Anacaribe, who has a long standing tradition as port agent for cruise lines calling the Port of Roatan. 



Port of Roatan Amenities

  • Internet Access
  • Super Market
  • Post Office
  • ATM
  • Shopping
  • Pharmacy
  • Liquor Store
  • Souvenirs
  • Duty-Free
  • Cultural Exhibitions
  • Tours
  • Car Rental Services
  • Artisan Gifts
  • Live Cigar Rolling
  • Zip Line by the Port
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • MORE... 

Cruise Lines who call on Port of Roatan


  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Celebrity Cruise Line
  • Fred Olsen Cruise Line
  • Oceania Cruise Line
  • Regent Seven Seas
  • MSC Cruises
  • Sea Cloud
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Thomson Cruise Line
  • TUI Cruise Line
  • Voyages of Discovery

Roatan has quickly become one of the favorite stops for cruisers in the last decade. Tens of thousands of cruisers visit Roatan Island each year. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruise lines mainly use the cruise terminal. The port offers duty-free shopping, tours, cultural exhibitions, artisan gifts, and souvenirs, live cigar rolling and much more.


PRO-TIP: Get your passport courtesy stamped at the official passport stamp booth. Make sure it’s an official immigration entry, or your passport may be rendered invalid. 



Port of Roatan Excursions


To experience the real Roatan, cruise ship visitors must venture out from the immediate area of the port. Roatan is a family friendly island. Roatan is safe and can provide anyone with memories that will last a lifetime. Venturing into Roatan is a must. If in doubt, ask any cruiser who has visited the island before. To make the most of your visit, consider booking an adventure directly on Roatan Online, or with Roatan Tours. This way you'll be sure to book with a local experienced guide. 

PRO-TIP: Booking a tour through Roatan Online ahead of your travels can save you time and money. When you book, you'll also gain a reliable online concierge who will help you plan your trip ahead of your arrival.


Favorite Gifts at the Port of Roatan

  • Hand rolled cigars
  • Locally produced rum
  • Locally made chocolate
  • Honduran and Central American Coffee
  • Local artesian art
  • Local Jewelry 

PRO TIP: Visit the Roatan Marine Park shop to support the local community with the hard work involving the conservation of the island.

Getting around Port of Roatan


Town Center

  • Local Walks
  • Shopping

The cruise ship terminal at Port of Roatan is called “Town Center” because it is located in Coxen Hole's town center. The action begins when cruisers debark onto Town Center. As soon as cruisers step onto the pier, they are able to see lots of shops and obtain information for shore excursions.


Port Activities

  • Souvenirs
  • Local Cigars
  • Garifuna Dancers
  • Restaurants

The small, but complete, terminal offers its visitors a wide variety of options to purchase local souvenirs, gifts, food, drinks or world class cigars which are rolled right in front of them. Cruisers who don’t want to venture out in Roatan and choose to stay in the terminal can have fun without leaving Port of Roatan. Tourists enjoy cultural exhibitions like Garifuna Punta dancing. Tourist visit restaurants offering island-style dining or even zip line through the canopy adjacent to the terminal. If you’re stopping at Port of Roatan and want to make the most out of your one-day visit to the island, we recommend you to book a tour in advance with us. 



  • 1 Ship Alongside
  • 2 Ships in Anchorage

The Port of Roatan can only accommodate one cruise ship at a time alongside its pier and two more ships via anchorage. If your day in port coincides with another ship's arrival, you might be docked, or you might need to tender to shore. Usually, Royal Caribbean cruise ships dock while Norwegian cruise ships tender when they coincide at Port of Roatan. 



Locating your tour guide


Cruise Ship Bookings

  • Pros & Cons
  • Where to be
  • Directions


Booking directly with the Cruise Ship has its benefits. For one, you pay more! and you'll know that the ship will not leave without you. Conversly, when you book directly with a tour guide, you'll have to leave the dock area to connect with your operator, but the tours are generally more affordable and you often get a richer experience as the tour guide is on your schedule. 

If you had already booked a tour or organized a shore excursion in advance, you will either be picked up directly from the pier (in the case of boat tours). Otherwise, you will have to head out to the parking area to board your requested tour bus. As soon as you walk out of the ship and out of the dock, you will have to walk north, passing the Monkey La-La Bar and finding the walkway opening (on your right) towards the center of the terminal. Then, you will take the only exit available into the parking area where you will make a left on to gate 2 to get to the meet-up location and board your tour bus. Here, you will find your tour guide holding a sign with your reservation name, and their logo, and waiting for you right across the street or to the side of the gate.


Parking Are Formalities

  • Drop-Offs
  • Parking Area
  • Accessability

To get to the parking area, you will have to walk past the tour and excursion booths and make a left at the end of the walkway. Once you exit the Town Center building, you will notice passengers being dropped off in the parking area, just outside the main door and inside the port. When coming back from your shore excursion or tour, the port authority will allow your tour operator to drop you off inside the port.


The Port of Roatan is flat, easy to walk around, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding your tour party and operator. Go ahead, disembark, and explore the port and our stunning Roatan Island. In a worse case scenario, be sure to ask any port authority or cruise ship staff member for directions. 


PRO TIP: A good landmark of where you should exit to find your tour guide is a small blue booth or cabin. The building has a green roof, between gates 2 and 3 and on the same direction of the large signage which reads: “ROATAN STRAW MARKET $2.00 MARGARITAS WI-FI” on top of the nearby building. 



Taxi services

  • Rates
  • Customs
  • Destinations


In the parking area of Port of Roatan, visitors will find the approved Taxi Association's published rates to various destinations across Roatan Island. Unless you decide otherwise, when you arrange your taxi to take you somewhere, it is usually a round-trip deal. The taxi driver will stick around to return you to the pier when you’re ready. As always, we encourage you to be sure!



Taxi Rates from Port of Roatan TO...

(The following are estimated or published rates from the Roatan Taxi Association)

Per Taxi Cab (One Way) - Taxista Regular
Per Taxi Cab (One Way) - Taxista de la Asociación de Taxis
Car Pool (pp)
Coxen Hole
Flowers Bay$15.00
West Bay$50.00
West End$50.00
Sandy Bay$30.00
Lawson Rock$30.00
Ferry Terminal $15.00
Mahogany Bay$20.00
Palmetto Bay$60.00$30.00
Brick Bay$10.00
Pristine Bay$20.00
French Harbour$20.00
French Cay$20.00
Iguana Farm$20.00
Parrot Tree$50.00
Politilly Bite$60.00
Milton Bite$60.00
Punta Gorda$60.00
Diamond Rock$60.00
Port Royal$60.00
Camp Bay$60.00
Old Port Royal$60.00



Coxen Hole

Coxen Hole is the capital of Roatan, and it is also its main town. Although it is more commercial than touristy, you can easily walk out from the port and into Coxen Hole’s main road to find unique gifts.


Fort Consolation


Fort Consolation overlooks Port of Roatan Town Center in Coxen Hole. This is an ideal location for cruise ship visitors. 


Fin's & Flipper


Fin’s and Flipper is an 11.5-acre private island just off Coxen Hole and a 2-minute boat ride from the cruise ship dock. 


West End


West End is a small village, local hangout and activities’ hub located 20 minutes from Coxen Hole. West End is full of restaurants, bars, clubs, stores, shops, galleries, beautiful beaches, and bays. 


West Bay


West Bay Beach is a resort destination with beautiful beaches and coral and colorful fish right offshore, clear and shallow waters, full of activities and fun.


Gumbalimba Park


Gumbalimba Park is located on the main road to West Bay, just outside West Bay Beach. Gumbalimba Park is a top tourist destination in Roatan and is a natural paradise offering a lovely botanical garden, animal sanctuary, zip-line canopy, insectarium, a long list of water activities, a pirate’s cave and much more.


French Harbour


French Harbour is Home of Frenchy’s 44, Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout, Little French Key or Big French Key. 25 minutes away.


PRO TIP: You can quickly hop into a $3 water taxi between West End and West Bay. These are available from 9 am to 9 pm. Look for the water taxi docks near the Eagle Ray Restaurant in West End and the WestPoint Restaurant in West Bay. If getting into a regular taxi, be sure to negotiate the fare, it goes between $15 and $25 per person. Ask for group discounts. Pricing for both, the water and regular taxis, might increase slightly after 6 pm.  


Amenities at Fin’s and Flipper

  • Two secluded beaches
  • Snorkeling
  • A scenic pier
  • Pool
  • Foot lounge deck
  • Lush garden paths with indigenous flora and animal rescue center
  • Artisan Plaza
  • The Bay Island’s Interpretation Center
  • The Ethnic Honduran Art Exhibit Center

Amenities at Fort Consolation

  • Monkey La-La Zipline: An over-water zipline adventure
  • Watersports: Snuba, snorkeling, water sliding, dive boarding, or kayaking
  • Jade Museum: Jade factory and archeology museum highlighting Roatan’s early beginnings with exhibits and tales of the island’s pioneers and infamous pirates.
  • Breadfruit Grill: From seafood to cheeseburgers, everyone will find something to love.

PRO TIP: Multiple other activities are all within a 20-minute drive heading in nearly every direction in Roatan. Check out Upcoming Events.


Visitor Information

  • Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 8 am – 5 pm
  • Beware of pushy salespeople and pushy tour operators
  • Hi-Speed Internet Available
  • Office Location: 2nd Floor

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