Fire and Truth on Little French Key


Which is worse? An unscrupulous business, or an unscrupulous government? 


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A few weeks ago, a coordinated effort by local officials and branches of local government released a series of "public communicators" urging travelers to refrain from visiting Little French Key (LFK).

The second communicator "Motivated the national and foreign population not to support and visit such projects."

In short, the communicators encouraged travelers (unrelated to LFK's civil matters) not to visit what is arguably the most popular tourist destination in Honduras. 

To be sure, there are no winners here and both the local authorities and the LFK management missed key opportunities to manage the situation with greater diplomacy and restraint. 

Although the notices were not signed by a public official (an attorney signed one), these public notices were legitimate and first appeared on known social media profiles, operated by local governmental offices.

These communicators cited a "general frustration" by these local officials with court rulings on the mainland in civil cases related to Little French Key. The communicators further maintained that because of the "unfavorable legal outcome," that a "public notice" was needed to "alert others" about civil shortcomings of Little French Key. 

Unfortunately, the communicators released by public officials were void of any supporting documentation which could provide greater insight into the alleged lack of permitting, or any ecological reports which might cite specific environmental violations. The communicators did not include the supporting documentation needed to learn more about the alleged animal doping practices. 


Images of the Incident