Kaveh Lahijani Arrested



Kaveh Lahijani, arrested.


National Police arrests two citizens in possession of $ 130,000.00, among the suspects is a citizen originally from Iran (Kaveh Lahijani) and a Honduran

Through investigative and intelligent police work in the sector of Pristine Bay, French Harbor, the National Police arrested two suspects for the crime of money laundering.

The law enforcement unit was in charge of officials of the Police Investigation Directorate (DPI), National Directorate of Prevention and Community Safety (DNPSC) and the Directorate of Police Intelligence (DIPOL) assigned to UDEP # 11 based in the insular zone.

The suspects are a native of Iran, nationalized in the United States and a Honduran of 46 years of age; both residents in the place of detention.

Law enforcement confiscated several packages containing an approximate amount of $130,000.00 (valued in the national currency is L. 3,120,000.00 lempiras). Also, a firearm for commercial use was confiscated

A more thorough inspection of the scene is being conducted so that more information is available at a later time.

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